Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sneak Peek at Garden Railway

Volunteers and Staff are hard at work here at the Morris Arboretum in anticipation of the Grand Opening of this year's Garden Railway, featuring American Roadside Attractions. I was able to go and take a look at some of the trains as they are being set up on the track. This year's exhibit is going to be really interesting with American landmarks and a lot of fun for families - from toddlers to folks bringing their grandchildren.

The grand opening of Garden Railway is this weekend - Saturday, May 29th. Come join the fun this weekend and stop by the Morris Arboretum CafĂ© as it is transformed into an American diner for the weekend to celebrate this year’s theme. The exhibit will be open all summer until Labor Day.

Replicas of some of the country’s favorite tourist attractions are featured around a quarter mile of track. It’s like traveling across America without leaving home! Those who have spent weekends in Margate, New Jersey will surely recognize Lucy the Elephant. If you’ve traveled far and wide, you may recognize The Big Duck of Hampton Bay, NY, or Sapp Brothers Coffee Pot Water Tower of Council Bluffs, IA, or Wigwam Village of Cave City, KY, or the Teapot Dome gas station of Zillah, WA.

Enjoy some more pictures and come see the exhibit with your own eyes. 

Download a free Morris Arboretum wallpaper of the Garden Railway here!


  1. Wow this place is absolutley magical! I can not wait to see this in person so I can be amazed at the creativity.
    Absolutely fabulous!!


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