Monday, February 21, 2011

Witchazels in bloom

Did you know that the Arboretum has fabulous color and fragrance even in the middle of winter? With remnants of snow still on the ground it is easy to think that we have to wait until spring for flowers to start blooming to see colorful life.  But that is not true!   
During the month of February, we focus our eyes on one of the harbingers of spring: the witchazel.  Witchazels at Morris Arboretum are blooming right now throughout the garden and come in a spectrum of colors and smells.  The pictures on this post are from Bob Gutowski, our Director of Public Programs.  You can see more of his wonderful photos on his Flickr site here:

To help you explore the witchhazels at the Arboretum, we have created a treasure hunt map distributed at the Visitor's Center (also available online here: This map highlights the location of several different varieties of witchazels throughout the garden and also has space on the back to record your findings.  Grab a map and go see if you can find these witchazels in bloom - this is a fun activity for the whole family!

On Sunday, February 27, 12-2pm, grab your family and head over to the Arboretum for a day of fun and exploration. Follow the treasure hunt to discover the many varieties of witchhazels growing at the Arboretum and then stop by the Visitor Center to make a fun craft. 

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