Monday, April 13, 2015

Grow Your Own Lettuce Bowl!

Need inspiration for a quick, easy spring gardening project? Grow your own lettuce bowl!
This  project is easy-peasy and fun to do with budding gardeners.

Hanging baskets with coco fiber liners are easy to come by at garden centers and big box stores. Add some soil-less potting mix, sow lettuce seeds and cover, water and wait. You won't wait long, as lettuce will quickly germinate in cool spring weather. By snipping the outer leaves and leaving the central ones, lettuce plants will continue to grow, giving you a longer harvest. If you want to prolong your growing season, look for heat tolerant varieties that take longer to bolt- flower and go to seed. If you have lettuce seeds left over from previous years, sow thickly, as germination of old seed is reduced.

Basket culture for lettuce or spinach is ideal, as you can position your basket close to your kitchen door, or easily move it to a sunny spot for best growth. Elevating your crop keeps uninvited four-footed garden guests away from your succulent greens.

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Article by Louise D. Clarke, Bloomfield Farm Section Leader at Morris Arboretum

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