Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekend Picks: June in Bloom

This weekend, it's all about the June blooms! The gardens are looking lush and full of color, especially our Rose Garden. The Rose Garden, created in 1888, is one of the oldest features of the estate and was originally a flower garden with a marble fountain as a central feature, with four quadrants containing boxed-edged walks in between. The addition of the summer house and Italianate balustrades 20 years later made this a truly special garden feature.

Summer house seen in the far corner of the rose garden. Photo: Paul W. Meyer

Rose Garden with Pansies, Urn and Pavilion circa 1924. Photo: Gleason, Herbert W. / Morris Arboretum Archives
Giant allium (seen here, purple flowers) add whimsy to the landscape. Photo: Paul W. Meyer

Photo: Stephanie McNabb

Photo: Stephanie McNabb

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