Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cherry Blossom Festival

The Cherry Blossom Festival was another huge success this year.  Morris Arboretum has had a number of events going on over the last two weeks, including visits from the Cherry Blossom Queen, Swarthmore Taiko Drummers and many others.  This past weekend was hugely popular thanks to the amazingly energetic performance by the Taiko Drummers as well as an archery demonstration.

Enjoy some photos of the Swarthmore Taiko Drummers and the archery demonstration.

The archer pulls the arrow back on the bow in meditation, remembering the ancient discipline where the qualities of heart and mind come together at the moment of the arrow's release...

And releases...

The Taiko Drummers beat drums together in a rhythmic pounding beat.  Historically, Taiko drumming has been used during the Feudal times to motivate, coordinate and signal troop movement.  This was a very intense performance and required rhythm, strength and stamina.

Here is another view of two drummers and an onlooking crowd enjoying the performance.

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