Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fox 29 visits Morris Arboretum to investigate pollen and allergies

'Tis The Season For Allergies

We noticed an abnormally high amount of people around the office sneezing over that past week or so. Their eyes seemed a bit puffy and they kept reaching for tissues.  We wondered, is this the worst year to date for allergies?  Fox 29 reporter and allergy sufferer Sharon Crowley went to the Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill to find some answers.

Arboretum Director Paul Meyer did not say that this year is the worst – but he did reveal that the recent heat wave caused a lot of plants to bloom at once. This caused a burst of pollen to infiltrate our area.  Our very own Dr. Mike said to try and stay inside and change your air filters often.  Relief to allergy sufferers should occur around mid-June.

Story from Fox 29, www.myfoxphilly.com

Video here:

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