Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gloomy garden days, the best kept secret

Most people think of visiting a public garden or park on a picturesque sunny day, right?

Of course, we think every day is the best day to visit! But in particular, overcast days can be a great, yet often overlooked, time to visit the garden. In case you're skeptical, here are a few reasons why a seemingly gloomy, gray day is a visitor's best kept secret:

Beat the Crowds
Because the typical response to a cloudy day is to shy away from outdoor excursions, it often means less crowds in our gardens. Take this opportunity to stroll through the grounds like it's your own secret garden!

Cooler Temps
Generally speaking, clouds act as a "heat shield". Much of the incoming solar radiation from the sun is reflected or absorbed by the clouds, resulting in slightly cooler temperatures.

Optimum Photography Conditions
The even white light of an overcast day is great for outdoor photography. Sunlight is gently diffused by the clouds, eliminating harsh shadows and extreme highlights. If shooting with a standard digital camera, use the "Portrait" setting for great outdoor images.

When is your favorite time to visit the garden?