Tuesday, July 2, 2013

School's out, new interns are in!

Welcome, Morris Arboretum Intern Class of 2014!

On June 17 a new group of nine interns joined Morris Arboretum to participate in our year-long internship program. Welcome, Class of 2014!

Each of the interns will work in a specific area of study at the Arboretum:
Arboriculture, Education, Flora of Pennsylvania, Horticulture, Natural Lands, Plant Protection, Propagation, Rose and Flower, and Urban Forestry.

In addition to their regular duties, interns participate in weekly afternoon seminars, field trips to other gardens and natural areas, as well as staffing the Arboretum Plant Clinic. During the year-long program, the interns are also enrolled and will receive graduate level course credit for “Issues in Arboretum Management I and II” through the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.

This marks the 35th year of the Morris Arboretum Internship Program. The program provides hands on experience and education that prepares interns for careers in public gardens and related fields. To learn more about the Morris Arboretum Internship Program click here.

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