Monday, March 30, 2015

Magnificent Magnolias

Morris Arboretum has 166 magnolia plants representing 79 different kinds of magnolias planted in the public garden (35 additional plants which include 7 additional kinds of magnolias are on the Bloomfield Farm side).

Interested in adding magnolias to your garden? The start of April is a good time to select and plant magnolias. A favorite variety is a butter-yellow flowering variety called Magnolia Elizabeth. This relatively new hybrid does best in full sun but tolerates light shade. It grows fast and will eventually become a big shade tree. Other brighter yellow forms will soon be coming on the market but the paler forms combine better with the other pink and lavender magnolias.

Magnolia Elizabeth was bred to bloom later than most magnolias and therefore is more likely to miss a late frost which sometimes kills the flowers.

Magnolias are available from better garden centers and from specialty mail order nurseries.

Photo: Paul Meyer

Photo: Judy Miller
Photo: Judy Miller

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