Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Tasks: Lawn Seeding

The last week in March is a good time to over seed bare patches in the lawn.

Tips for getting started:
  • Using a garden cultivator or iron rake, scratch the soil surface to provide a seed bed. 
  • Sprinkle the seed over the prepared area and gently tamp in the seed using the flat end of the rake.
  • For fine lawns use a mix of Kentucky blue grass varieties, for high traffic sunny areas, use the fine leaf forms of tall fescue.
  • We prefer not to fertilize lawns in the spring because it induces excessive growth and it can lead to disease problems later in the spring.  If you must fertilize, do so lightly and with a slow release organic form.
  • The first mowing of the spring should be short to clean up debris.
  • Thereafter, mow high, at lease 2-2 ½ inches to encourage deep roots and a drought resistant lawn.

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